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WINGWORKS was formed to offer the best possible service that I can, this came about because of my love for Goldwings and my innabillity to find anybody able to do things to my satisfaction!!!
I will let others attest to my abillities, therefore I offer these testimonials for your perusal.

G'Day Mark
My thanks, as you know I had both my Goldwings to other so called experts and they turned out to be disasters, thanks for the excellent job on my GL1100 Aspencade, it is purring like a kitten, I can hardly wait to get the GL1000 up and running again thanks.
Regency Downs.Qld.
Hi Mark and Kym,
thanks for the friendly manner in which you have treated me (and my family) every time I drop my GL1000 in for 'attention'.  I don't know why I ever bothered going to other motorcycle dealers (even Honda ones) for my Goldwing repairs!  I can't fault your professionalism, honesty, and good old fashioned value for money.  I am more than happy to recommend Wingworks to anyone requiring Goldwing services.
Kevin, Newtown, Queensland.
Kevin Modini
Mob: 0413 966 298
Tel: 07 3281 9225

As the “successful bidder”, I flew to Brisbane from Canberra and took ownership of my Wing which looked great. I started it, I heard it run, noticed the oil “spray” from the manifolds and thought “oh no” I can’t ride this home on three cylinders!

I believe the only thing that seller knew about Honda Goldwings, was the name of two people who loved them as much as I do and who could fix them because I couldn’t!

Mark & Kym Pilgrim, WingWorks, love them and know them. 

Mark had the engine pulled down in hours and gave me the bad news. 

I did ride it back to Canberra. 200k in beautiful sunshine and 1300k in pouring rain.  The bike never missed a beat and is still going great today.

My girl is probably ready a for few adjustments by now…Hope the weather is better for the ride back. It’s a long haul but I don’t trust anybody else!



I had the pleasure of meeting Kym and Mark when I became a Goldwing owner by default. A friend of mine bought two rough units and said I should buy one and I took it home. Knowing nothing at all about Goldwings I needed to find some help to restore the old girl.

A friend of mine had heard of a guy down Beaudesert way that knew a bit about Goldwings, so I got a phone number and gave Mark a call. As soon as you talk to Mark his love for the Wing was very obvious and he was excited to hear that another one was going to have new life breathed into it. A meeting was arranged and off I went.

Kym and Mark make you feel at home as soon as you get there. Only one rule. No mobiles. Suits me. I spent the next 4 hours or so buying new and second hand parts from Kym and Mark and generally having a good time talking about Wings.

The things  that most impressed me is their genuine honesty and love of the Wing. Marks knowledge is second to none and he shares it in a most friendly way. I had a fairly large shopping list that day. By the end of my visit I had about 95% of my parts with the rest to be ordered from Kym from overseas. These parts were delivered to my door in approx 3 weeks (at a very fair price).

I am happy to recommend Kym and Mark to anyone who has an early GL. Every time I deal with them it is always a pleasure. It is also great to catch up at swap meets.

Also, have a look at the yellow Wing in the photos. An example of Marks great work. At one swap meet I was at, this bike was judged the most desirable bike to own at the meet. Not bad considering the great array of concourse bikes that were also there.

Good luck guys.

Glyn Ferguson


I would like to commend Wing works to any and all owners of early model Goldwings.
I have lived through many experiences of dodgy, expensive and ham fisted mechanics
doing more damage than they fixed on my beloved GL1000 until finding Mark and Kim.

They have breathed life into my old Wing which now runs better than I thought was
possible (despite owning it for twenty years)and whilst not a show bike, gets me to
and from work (60 km round trip) each day.

Please for the sake of your wallet and your sanity, give them a try and watch your
Wing come back to life.

John Gam
Victoria Point


Inspired by his own WingWorks experience, a very good mate of mine orchestrated the long overdue resurrection of my faithful old Wing while I was away overseas.  He raved about this guy who had a passion for Wings coupled with an extensive technical know-how.

What an understatement!!!  She was soon on her way to Mark and Kym’s to be resuscitated.  We discovered quickly that what Mark doesn’t know about Wings, isn’t worth knowing…seriously.  

My poor Wing was in desperate need of much more than just TLC after sitting in storage for nearly 25 years with a few life-threatening injuries.  Mark virtually pulled the bike to bits akin to an exploded schematic diagram and he had her life stories unravelled in no time.

As a long-term multiple Wing owner myself, it was great having the chance to meet Mark and Kym and swap Wing stories over pies and coffee with these truly genuine people.  Mark’s attention to detail and depth of knowledge is both a little disturbing (in a good way!) while being very refreshing and most uncommon in this day and age.

Mark, you are without doubt, the “Wing Whisperer”!